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Costa Rica Films Coming to a Theater Near You

Costa Rica Entertainment – Get your popcorn ready because 11 Costa Rican films are coming to a movie theater near you.

Esteban Ramirez’s Presos 1With new dramas, comedies, and science fiction films on deck, you are bound to find a great work of art that speaks to your movie preference.

Coming in September is Esteban Ramirez’s Presos (Prisons), a film following the story of a young woman whose work takes her into the depths of a correctional facility. This fictional drama depicts the disturbing realities of inmates in prison.

Miguel Gomez is set to release a sequel to his 2008 movie that brings viewers into the lives of four friends. El Cielo Rojo 2 (Red Sky 2), a comedy laced with moments that the audience can relate to, will be released in the end of 2015.

The schedule of releases for 2016 is less clear as the movies are in different stages of completion but the potential lineup is full of variety of talent and expressions of art. Keep your eyes on the releases, because there are many yet to come.

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