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Costa Rica Film Festival Scheduled for Dec 8th to 17th

Costa Rica Events -Its official! The Costa Rica International Film Festival returns for its fifth edition with a program of 58 feature films and 14 short films that will be presented from December 8th to 17th.

costa-rica-interntational-film-festival-2016-1One of the special features of this edition is the world premiere of three films, in addition to four Latin American premieres and 60 Central American premieres.

The event will be held in 5 spaces: the Magaly Cinema, the Teatro La Aduana, the Theater 1887, the Amphitheater of the National Center of Culture (former Fanal) and the Theater of Dance.

Feature films include: Certain Women (2016), Night Moves (2013), Meek’s Cutoff (2010), Wendy and Lucy (2008), Old Joy (2006) and River of Grass (1994).

Inauguration of this grand event will kick start with Argentine film, The Long Night of Francisco Sanctis, film of Francisco Márquez and Andrea Testa.

This year the traditional international competitions of Central American films and short films will be another appealing feature for people attending. Some of the films to look forward to are: Ariel Escalante’s The Sound of Things, Embrace Me as Before, Jurgen Ureña and La Sombra Del Naranjo by Óscar Herrera and Patricia Velásquez.

The festival is divided into five special sections.

Panorama is the first, a section that emerged with the aim of addressing issues that happen at the international level, such as migratory phenomena, the struggle for the rights of the population of sexual diversity, and daring cinemas.

Bridges is a section characterized by the name. It aims to build the bridge between the cinema and other arts, with the assistance of special activities.

For example, Dancer, a documentary about the dancer Serguéi Polunin links the cinema with the dance through a presentation of the award winning Colectivo Clá.

The second film of this section, called One More Time With Feeling, relates to the cinema with music following the process of production of the last album of the singer, Nick Cave. This projection will be accompanied with an event in El Sótano, where Cave music will be heard.

Final and third feature in this section is Notes on Blindness, a story that follows writer John Hull, who has suffered from blindness since 1983. The activity that will accompany this film will be an immersion through virtual reality, in the world perceived by Hull. This activity will be held at Cenac.

Radar, The Young and Retrospective are the remaining feature sections.

Kelly Reichardt, American director and screenwriter known for her feminist films and low budget will be a special guest at the event.

Among the most outstanding films of the festival are Elle, by Frenchman Paul Verhoeven; Fire at the Sea, by Italian Gianfranco Rosi; The Clan, of the Argentine Pablo Trapero; The Salesman, by Iranian Asghar Farhadi; American Honey by Andrea Arnold; Right Now, Wrong Then by Sang-soo Hung and The Handmaiden by Chan-Wook Park.

The entrance will be free for functions of 10 A. M. to 5 P. M. For those scheduled after 5 P.M., the cost will be ¢ 2. 000.

Tickets for these presentations can be obtained at the ticket offices of each of the five venues participating, as well as on the server

By Brenda Sotelo

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