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Costa Rica Fiestas Palmares 2013 Overview

Costa Rica News – We all know that Costa Ricans do not like to work very much and love to party so when the holidays start in December they do not want the party to end. You may wonder why they love do long, probably because they do not stress about work and will take off work for any reason possible.

Costa Rican’s love their fiestas! After one party or holiday, there is rarely more than a month before the next one. Between Christmas and New Year’s there is the Zapote fair. By New Year’s Day all of the leftover Christmas Tamales have been eaten and one might ask “what’s next?”

Don’t fear- the party’s never over! Before January is through you can continue the celebration in Palmares, a little town tucked in between Alajuela and San Ramon. It’s home to one of the largest and most looked forward to celebrations in the country. This year it is from January 9th through January 21st.

This festival consists of a large fair ground with rides and food, vendors of all types, a horse parade, parade of lanterns, fireworks, bullfights, concerts, and tents to drink and dance in. This is a 2 week long party. Come prepared to be in the sun and don’t forget your cowboy hat and boots! Picture Daisy Duke but Latina!

If you are really brave you can entertain others by getting in the ring with the bull at one of the improvised fights. Maybe you’d rather just watch one of the professional fighters. Outside of the stadium you can enjoy the sounds of reggae and rock stars. Though each town has a similar fair, none compares to that of Palmares! On Sundays international artists are brought in. Don’t miss out!

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By Kerry La

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One Comment;

  1. Joe de Tambor said:

    I’ve never been in Palmares during fiesta time, however, I worry what might happen to the parque central iguanas during that time. Does the Fuerza Pública of the Municipalidad provide extra patrols for them when they come down from the trees to feed? I hope so!

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