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Costa Rica Ferry Solution Between Puntarenas & Paquera

Costa Rica News – Before the ferry gets suspended to do repairs, a private company stepped up to offer ferry services between Puntarenas and Paquera as of this Tuesday as a temporary measure to deal with the suspension.

There was damage to the berthing ramp and landing at the Paquera dock, because of an accident on August 15th.

The neighbors came up with the temporary solution. No permit is needed since it’s a private company rather than a public service.

The boats that will be used in the temporary service belong to the company Guia Turistico Osiris. The trips will cost ¢3,000 for adults and ¢1,500 for children.

The boats can accommodate 30 people and the trip takes about 40 minutes.

They will leave Paquera from Monday to Friday at 5:15, 10 and 2 and from Puntarenas at 6:15, 11 and 5. On Saturdays they will leave Paquera at 5L15, 10 and 3 and from Puntarenas at 6:30, 2 and 5. On Sundays the departure from Paquera will be at 5:30 and from Puntarenas at 5.

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