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Costa Rica Exports Rose 10% Between January and July

Costa Rica News – Well it seems that the farmers and ranchers are doing decent when it comes to shipping their goods, including out of the tax free zones which help them get more sales.  However, as it is in most cases the Costa Rican government does not like it when someone makes money in their country and they do not get a piece of the action.  The Costa Rican government is meeting to try to re-evaluate the taxes they want to impose on the farmers.  

costa rica exportsThe value of Costa Rican exports of goods grew by 10% in the first seven months of the year (January to July) to reach     $6,742 million, reported this morning the Foreign Trade Promoter (Procomer).

Sector sales in free zones performed better. They grew 15% between January and July, compared with the same period of 2011, to reach $3,499 million.

The so-called definitive system (which is not a free zone) grew by 4% in the period and reached $ 3,110 million, Procomer said in a statement.

The developer noted that positive behavior occurred in all three sectors in which exports are divided: livestock and fisheries, industry and agriculture.

Sales of livestock and fisheries products were up 19%, industrial goods 13% and 0.8% of agricultural. These are contributions last managed to climb as gold coffee (up 15%) and pineapple (up 8.5%).

Striking a sharp increase of 33.9% in the value of product placements in Asia, while the European Union rose 10% despite the difficult economic situation in that block. Sales to North America increased by 7.7% and 6.7% in Central America.

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