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CR Expats at Risk of Losing Social Security?

Costa Rica News – Time is running out for retired U.S. citizens living in Costa Rica. That is, if they are receiving Social Security benefits.

Social Security costa rica benefitsThe U.S. Embassy in San Jose estimates that 300 people will see an interruption in their benefits if they fail to respond to a survey from the Social Security Administration.

The survey is an anti-fraud measure that saved U.S. taxpayers $200,000 this year, because 25 respondents didn’t answer the survey. This questionnaire is annual and is send by the embassy in July and October.

Several hundred people, with SSNs that end in 50-99 have yet to respond. The benefits will be suspended if the recipient or his or her caretaker do not return the survey. Once benefits have been halted, it could take over 45 days to resume the payments.

Anyone who is responsible for a minor or disabled person who receives a Social Security check should return the survey as soon as possible. Any questions from beneficiaries or caretakers can be addressed to the Federal Benefits Section at the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica.

The number is 2519-2000 and the email is [email protected].

In any emails, list your full name, last four digits of your SSN, and two telephone numbers.


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