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Costa Rica Exhibits the Art of Albrecht Dürer

Costa Rica Entertainment – Art lovers in Costa Rica have a new exhibit to enjoy at the Central Bank Museum. It opens on January 23. It will feature the work of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), a German artist.

Albrecht Dürer artwork70 prints will be exhibited in total.

Dürer was a renaissance genius, leaving his mark not only in art but also as a humanist thinker and scientific researcher. His illustrations and understanding of proportions and geometry were ahead of his time.

His name fits in with the likes of Leonardo da Vinci.

The works to be exhibited were made with techniques such as engraving and etching.
Dürer learned the tricks of the goldsmith trade with his father before becoming a student of the painter Michael Wolgemut.

Dürer’s career consisted of engraving metal and wood, oil painting, watercolor and drawing.

His work shows an unmistakable style and strong use of light and shadow. Tickets are ¢3,500 or ¢2,000 for students and seniors. Kids under 12 are free.

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