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Costa Rica Environmentalist Jairo Mora’s Autopsy Revealed He Was Tortured Before Death

Costa Rica News – Jairo Mora suffered a brutal death, according to his autopsy.

jairo mora sandoval murder trial 1He had multiple contusions and died of suffocation at the hands of four neighbors of Moin, on May 30, 2013.

Judge Carlos Alvarez Arrieta condemned the men to 50 years in prison.

The men were making a living stealing turtle eggs and they killed Sandoval, age 26, to send a message to the others like him who protected the turtle eggs.

The terrible crime had a negative effect on the environmental protection in the area.

Another environmental protection activist, Vanessa Lizano, had to leave her job, abandoning the protection out of fear of what could happen to her.

Witness accounts and cell phone records tied the four to the crime. The men had previously terrorized the town with the intention to steal phones and vehicles and molest women.

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