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Costa Rica Electricity Monopoly (ICE) Wasting More Money

Costa Rica News – The Costa Rican Electricity Institute’s operating costs affect us all, being that the rates we pay have to cover the company’s expenses.

ice costa ricaMany people are wondering why ICE is spending ¢7.1 million (about $14,000) a month to rent a building for just five workers.

The agency in question is located in Palmares, Alajuela. Another office in Alajuela, in the center, costs just ¢4.4 million monthly and 40 staff work there.

Another costs ¢1.3 million and has six employees.

A spokesman explained that the agency’s purpose is not determined by the number of employees it has.

The agency that costs such a significant amount is justified by the fact that it is used as a warehouse, showroom and a place to store equipment for network maintenance.

The property is under lease until May 30, 2017.  

The total that ICE pays for its 99 agencies, including administrative offices, is ¢293 million per month. ICE is trying to renegotiate some contracts to optimize resources.


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