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Costa Rica Ecotourism

Costa Rica News – I know we bring up a lot of negative things about Costa Rica but this is because we really want somethings to change in Costa Rica, to protect the environment.  Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword, and with the fact that Costa Rica has no army there is no sword. 

Costa Rica is among the most bio-diverse countries of the world! It contains 28 natural parks and biological reserves! In these protected areas you can go hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, ATV riding, zip lining and more! It’s the perfect spot for eco-tourism because there is so much nature to enjoy and protect.

There are eco-hotels and eco-projects in many parts of Costa Rica, especially in the southern areas such as Golfito. Tortuguero, in the northern Caribbean is also quite popular for this type of trip. Many volunteers go there to clean up beaches and guard sea turtles and their eggs. The canals in this area contain many protected species.

Why should you consider an eco-vacation? Unlike traveling to the luxury resorts with an eco trip you will get firsthand experience with the most natural and untouched beautiful areas of the country. You can also leave feeling proud that you have had a hand in protecting the area through a volunteer project or by staying at a hotel with eco-friendly values and practices which conserve natural resources.

Staying at an eco-friendly hotel will not mean that you will have basic accommodations. Many of them are quite nice and you would never know that they use solar power or locally grown foods. They will give you options to conserve resources such as washing your sheets and towels less frequently. Responsibly enjoy the beautiful views of oceans, mountains, and steams while ensuring that they will be there for the future generations!

Some hotels offering eco-friendly accommodations can be found here:

By Kerry La

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  1. Tilaran said:

    Oh look mommy ! What’s that floating in the river ? ” Looks like turds honey, must be from a rare Jaguar or peccary in the uber protected reserve”.
    Gee mommy, I didn’t realize Jaguars ate corn, wore condoms and wiped with paper.

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