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Costa Rica Earthquake? There’s an App for That

Costa Rica News – You are sitting in your house in Heredia or in your hotel in Manuel Antonio, the walls begin to shake and the vibrations are felt throughout your body…….another Costa Rica earthquake.  For those of us that have lived in Costa Rica for an extended amount of time, these “terremotos”, Spanish for earthquake, happen quite frequently.

epicentro costa rica earthquake appMost of Costa Rica earthquakes are not very powerful accept in and around the epicenter, location of where the earthquake originates. However, recently we have had some larger earth shakers that have caused some damage to the structure of buildings, houses, roads and other infrastructure in Costa Rica.

Although most news sources and online media will report on these occurrences. There is now an App for your android or iPhone that will help you obtain knowledge a little quicker.  You never know when your Amnet internet service may be knocked out and need to use your smart phone to find out information about the earthquake.

The App “Epicentro”, is available on both OS (Apple) and Android operating systems and is free to download.

“Epicentro” is the official application for OVSICORI (Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Costa Rica) -A notification of earthquakes in Costa Rica. The app allows you to inform you of the final details of each seismic event, send your reports, notify your loved ones that you are well and ask for help in an emergency by listing telephone numbers to local police stations and hospitals. Epicentro is a winning initiative for Latin America Developing Hackathon Event.

The developers say it may soon be possible to provide details of the volcanoes.

If you would like the App, you can download it here.



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