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Costa Rica Drug Trafficking in Pineapples?

Costa Rica News – More and more often drug traffickers are coming up with unique methods to try to get their drug shipments through borders without being discovered.  This might be one of the most original I have heard of in a while. 

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costa rica drug trafficking pineapplesIn the most recent instance, the traffickers transported 2,500 kgs (about 5,500 lbs) of cocaine inside a container of pineapples, from Costa Rica to Algeciras in the southern region of Spain.

Spanish border authorities within the port of Algeciras uncovered the hidden drugs. To be precise, there were 2,515 kgs of coke packed with the fruits from Costa Rica. Of course they were not busted in Costa Rica probably due to the fact that more and more cartels are controlling authorities within the borders of Costa Rica.

Evidently, international protection agencies had informed Spain’s Guardia Civil of a tip about the upcoming arrival of the illegal cargo coming from Costa Rica. Respective authorities discovered the questionable container as it found its way to southern Spain last week, but rather than act then, they permitted the traffickers to move the content to Madrid, tailing them all the way.

The authorities subsequently effectively busted the traffickers, arresting 4 individuals thus far in what has been named Operation Moín. The Spanish publication El Confidencial states that an additional large delivery of cocaine was confiscated in the port of Algeciras in August of 2013. That seizure conisted of 700 kilos (about 1,500 lbs).

The most recent seizure repossesed a sum practically 4 times greater from showing up in streets of Spain. The publication estimated the street value in excess of $210 million.


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