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Costa Rica Drivers License Renewal at the Bank?

Costa Rica News – For any of us that have lived in Costa Rica for at least a little while we all know that doing anything with a Costa Rican government entity is a severe pain in the buttox. It is almost as if they hired the least intelligent, least helpful and rudest people they could find and said…here is a job with the government. 

costa-rica-drivers-licenseThe process of getting residency and so many other processes that force you to deal with the Costa Rican government are like torture involving multiple frustrations and unhelpful employees.

I know that I exaggerate, but in truth when you go through many day to day activities it is not much fun with any government.   I know I did not much enjoy going to the DMV in the USA either.

Well I know it is not much progress into removing some of the frustrations, but it is a small step in the right direction.  The Road Safety Council (Cosevi) and Banco de Costa Rica (BCR) are looking to partner up to allow driver’s license renewal at BCR branches.

The hope is that the long delays that are found at Cosevi will be reduced. Currently, over 400 license are processed daily at the Cosevi headquarters.

I know that going to the bank and waiting in those lines is not much fun but I know I would take that over having to take the trip to San Jose, fight traffic in the area and then wait for hours to renew my license.



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