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Costa Rica Drinks The Second Most Coffee in Latin America

Costa Rica News – A global study about the consumption of soft drinks was done by the global market research company Euromonitor International.

The company presented its results this week and Costa Rica made headlines.

Costa Ricans were shown to be the second most avid coffee consumers in Latin America, behind Brazil. According to the study each person requires 525 cups a year in Costa Rica and 795 in Brazil.

Following them are the Dominican Republic, with 413.4 cups per person per year; Colombia with 371.2 cups; And Guatemala with 270.2 cups. Something that may affect the numbers is the presence or lack of specialty coffee shops serving coffee in fancy ways.

The World Coffee Organization confirms Costa Rica’s status as number two behind Brazil, although it measures the demand in kilos per inhabitant per year.

Costa Rica’s figure was 4.6 kilos per person per year and Brazil’s was 6.1.

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