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Costa Rica Doctor puts Degrading Photos of Patient on Facebook

Costa Rica News – Well the church is banning sex-ed in schools in Costa Rica.  The government is scamming money from China and the Costa Rican population.  There are facebook sites with young school girls in sexy poses…adding to the question why no sex-ed? Now a doctor has posted photos of his patients on his personal facebook page with “demoralizing”  comments.  My only thought is WTF was he thinking? 

“We are processing all the information to raise a formal complaint against the doctor”, said this morning, Luis Chavarria, president of the National Union of Employees of the Social Security Fund (undeca).

“The page displays photos of patients with severe health problems, in a demeaning status, with comments that violate all ethical and moral standards,” he added. What is wrong with someone to d this sort of thing?

Chavarria said the page is the name of a doctor surnamed Mendez, who works in the Emergency Service of the Hospital San Vicente de Paul, in Heredia.

On the complaint, the Office of Communication of the Social Security Fund said officials discussed the case in order to give statements, possible actions and measures, this afternoon.

This case comes to light, after the start of an academic process against a medical student who posted two messages patients derogatory National Children’s Hospital , in his Twitter account.

Moreover, the young Muñoz surname Aguilar placed images of patients with derogatory comments.

On these facts, the hospital address medical student expelled from his practice, which is a requirement for graduation. In addition, the University of Medical Sciences opened disciplinary proceedings .

In defense of the student, aged 23, his lawyer, Jose Miguel Villalobos, said yesterday his client “had 14 hours of continuous work” when writing these reviews. Great excuse!!! He worked for 14 hours straight so that makes his actions ok. I guess it is an uncommon situation when a Tico works.

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