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Costa Rica Dockworker Strike Coming to An End

Costa Rica News – Although the construction of the mega-port by APM Terminals will be beneficial to many in the Limon area by producing more jobs and better infrastructure…..those things could not be seen by the near nearsightedness of the dock workers.  

apm terminals costa ricaThe eight day long, violent strike of Japdeva union members, dock workers, seems to be coming to an end. Japdeva is standing firm that they are not behind the strike, and the workers are acting out alone, not with or for the union. Japdeva even took steps to keep one of the ports open with outside help.

Since last week, Japdeva has declared the strike illegal. They have been accused of harassing the workers to return to work and the managers to create the schedules and make it happen.

Before they can go back to work, they are to declare their intention to do so and then the respective offices will be opened little by little and most likely with the help of the police force.

The workers want to be able to compete with APM Terminals which was granted the concession to build an artificial island and mega port, but they are now being threatened with sanctions if they don’t give up on the strike.

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