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Costa Rica Directions; Take a Left At Where the Church Used to Be (Audio)

Costa Rica News – (September 15th Radio Show) – Overseas Radio Has Teamed up With The Costa Rican Times to provide multiple modes of information sharing for local and foreign expats in order to get Costa Rica news and knowledge to listeners.

This week Corey and Dan talk about the following:

1. Reforms in the Costa Rica Address System?

2. Increase in Taxi Rates in Costa Rica and Tips for Taking a Taxi in Costa Rica

3. Riteve, Costa Rica’s Vehicle Inspection

4. Customer Service in Costa Rica

5. 1st Central America Yoga Conference in Nicaragua

This is followed by a segment with Shannon Enete, author of Becoming An Expat: Costa Rica. Shannon and Corey discuss her latest travels, returning to the U.S. and upcoming books from her publishing house, Enete Enterprises.

This article includes the show “This Week in Costa Rica”, on which editor Dan Stevens will be appearing each week.  There are other very entertaining and informative programs broadcasting to which you can tune in.

For a taste of  Overseas Radio including the most recent interview with Dan Stevens click on the link below to listen to the past show.

Tune in to Overseas Network Live or Listen to Past Episodes Click Here. 


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