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Costa Rica Dentist Offers 10-Year Replacement Guarantee on All Work

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – October 22, 2012: According to a report from the U.S. Senate, approximately 130 million Americans lack dental insurance coverage, and about twenty five percent of Americans 65 and older have lost all of their teeth.  According to SmartMoney magazine, most insured patients report maximum dental insurance payouts of only $1,000 to $2,000 a year.  Patients in need of root canals, dental implants, dental surgery or cosmetic dentistry procedures will need to pay the balance, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars in “out-of-pocket” dental costs even for basic work.

Many U.S. and Canadian dental patients that cannot afford dental care at home are traveling to Costa Rica for affordable dental care.  In fact, in 2011, more than 50,000 dental patients chose to go to Costa Rica for high quality, low cost dental care.  This new trend, called dental tourism, is becoming more popular among North Americans.

The clear favorite among most American and Canadian patients is Costa Rica Dental Team, located just outside the capital city of San Jose. You can have the smile of your dreams at a price you can afford when you choose Costa Rica Dental Team for your dental needs. Most U.S. dentists wouldn’t consider offering patients a guarantee on their work.  But Costa Rica Dental Team offers their customers an unprecedented 10-year replacement guarantee on all dental work.

Costa Rica Dental Team is owned and managed by Dr. Mike Lomax, a highly-respected U.S. dental technician with more than 34 years of experience. Lomax established the clinic to offer international dental patients an affordable, high-quality alternative to the expensive U.S. dental system. With discounts of 50 to 70 percent off most U.S. dental prices, the services provided by Costa Rica Dental Team are among the most affordable in the world.

“We understand that seeking dental care outside of the U.S. is a big decision,” said Lomax. “When our patients choose us for their dental needs, they are trusting us to provide them with the best and most personalized care. We are so confident in the high-quality of our work that we are happy to offer our patients an incredible 10-year replacement guarantee. If for any reason our patients have a problem with their dental work, our team will do whatever it takes to correct the problem. Our top priority is our customers’ complete satisfaction.”

As part of the 10-year replacement guarantee, Costa Rica Dental Team will replace any work or materials that fail within 10 years of purchase (excluding negligence or abuse). “We value our loyal patients and have worked hard to establish our clinic as a leader in world-class dental care,” added Lomax. “Our team will gladly replace any unsatisfactory materials or work at our expense to ensure our patients have a positive experience and leave our clinic feeling confident in their beautiful smiles.”

Costa Rica Dental Team is committed to providing their patients with professional, attentive care and exceptional dental work. The clinic has invested in the most cutting-edge dental technologies available and utilizes some of the most sophisticated equipment in all of Central America. Their state-of-the-art, on-site dental lab allows Costa Rica Dental Team to quickly complete lab work, providing their patients with completely customized and cost-effective dental solutions.

While the idea of traveling abroad for dental work can seem overwhelming to those not familiar with dental tourism, Costa Rica Dental Team strives to make your decision as easy as possible. To ensure a comfortable and completely hassle-free visit, a concierge from the clinic meets all patients at the airport upon arrival and shuttles patients to and from their hotel for all appointments.

Many patients choose to turn their dental procedure into a dental vacation by extending their stay and enjoying the natural beauty of Costa Rica, a country known for its tropical rainforests and breath-taking beaches. As a result of Costa Rica Dental Team’s affordable procedures, patients who have taken a dental vacation consistently report a total savings of 50 percent of more, even after factoring in the cost of air travel, hotel accommodations, meals and tours.

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About Costa Rica Dental Team:

Costa Rica Dental Team was created to offer the absolute best in dental care at the absolute best price. The company is American-owned and operated and follows all professional dental codes from the U.S. The dentists at Costa Rica Dental Team are highly-trained, experienced professional who speak fluent English and Spanish to provide a comfortable, understandable dental treatment experience for all patients. The clinic offers an extensive range of dental services, including: porcelain veneers, dental implants, crowns and bridges, dentures and partials, fillings and bonding, teeth whitening, root canals and dental surgery.

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