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Costa Rica Dental Tourism

Aside from a wide variety of attractions such as pristine beaches, majestic mountains, a laidback lifestyle coupled with an exuberant nightlife, there is one more thing that counts among the reasons why Costa Rica is the number one tourist destination in Central America:

a dental healthcare system that is on par with, or even better than, what is usually found in the United States and Canada for just a fraction of the price.

Individuals who are in need of dental care flock to Costa Rica by the tens of thousands to take advantage of first class dental service without having to break the bank. The vast majority of dentists in Costa Rica is well-trained, reputable and counted among the best in the world.

With most clinics utilizing a personalized treatment plan that maximizes the patients’ time while in the country, a “dental tourist” can map out a schedule that can mean ample time to explore the rest of the country in between dental visits – making for a great vacation at the same time having quality dental care.

Tourists who choose to have dental work done during their vacation in Costa Rica are given what is possibly the best souvenir any country can give its visitors: a content and truly happy smile.

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