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Costa Rica Dental Implants; History & Advantages

Costa Rica Health News – Dental Implants are considered to be one of the oldest disciplines in the field of dentistry. Four thousand years ago ancient Chinese used carved bamboo pieces and tap them to the bones along the jaw to replace missing tooth while about two thousand years ago Egyptians used different kinds of precious metals and ivory shaped like a tooth and embedded in the jaw to replace lost tooth.

The awesome thing about dentistry is that it evolves and improves due to innovation and continuous research and Dental Implant Modelfindings. If in the past people make use of what is most available to them although not so effective, now dentists have found materials that are bio-compatible and found ways to make the process more effective.

You may ask why dental implants when we can always opt for dentures? Dentures are more economic and the completion time for the procedure is relatively shorter compared to getting dental implants.

Let me list down the top three advantages brought by dental implants:

  1. Dental Implants are much more cost effective. Other dental restorations like dentures need to be adjusted and replaced overtime but dental implants lasts a lifetime because the material used is durable so once it is embedded in the gums, adjustments or replacements will never be needed.
  2. Dental Implants help prevent bone loss. When a tooth is lost, the bone previously supporting the tooth is also lost in the long run; this process is called resorption and deterioration that leads to loss of jawbone density and height, which may also trigger extensive and further tooth loss. With dental implants, the bone is restored since it melds with the titanium post that is used so the strength and shape of the bone and jaw are kept intact.
  3. Restores oral functionality. Dental implants are joined to the bone and securely anchors the crowns or bridges attached to it so there is no way that the false teeth will fall off when a patient is talking or eating. Furthermore, implants feels like healthy normal and natural teeth since it is designed to replicate a biological tooth so patients can enjoy the taste and texture of the food they are eating and talk in public without the worry of their false teeth falling off.

Cost involved in getting dental dentures may detract you from undergoing the procedure. How so? Well in the United States alone a single dental implant costs around $3000-$4500 and this rate does not yet include bone grafting (process required when there is insufficient bone in the patient’s jaw). If a patient needs to have bone grafting then the cost will go up to approximately $6000-$8000 which is really daunting if you are an average Joe. But we can get this cost go down to something that you can afford if you care willing to get out of your comfort zone and flying outside the country to get dental implants.

Latin American countries like Costa Rica and Mexico are great dental destination spots which can offer you high quality dental care at forty to fifty per cent of the cost you have to shoulder for the same dental procedure at home. The rate of dental implants if the two countries mentioned above are around $800 to $1200 which already includes the costs of x-ray, abutments, crowns that will be used, cost of actual procedure and doctor’s fee so even if you add the airfare, lodging and the amount you would spend to buy trinkets and souvenirs, the total amount you have to spend abroad is still less to the amount you have to spend at home if you will get dental implants.

More and more people are choosing Costa Rica dentists and experiencing dental tourism along the shores of the land of “Pura Vida”.  Whether it be dental implants or porcelain veneers the prices and professional dentists in Costa Rica are becoming an everyday solution to dental patients looking to save money and enjoy a tropical vacation.  To find out more get your free Costa Rica dental tourism e-book below.

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There is a lot of information to digest when it comes to preparing for your dental vacation to Costa Rica.  Entry requirements to Costa Rica, how to find a dentist or dental clinic, what to expect for your specific procedure ( dental implants, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges, full mouth restorations and much more) and so much more.  

The Medical Tourism & Travel Guide Offers a Free E-Book to answer all your questions.

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