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CR Dental Implants; Costs & Alternatives

Costa Rica Dental Tourism News – Dental implants, when done right and properly taken care of, can last a lifetime, even if you get them at a young age! They are not cheap, though. They are a good investment, so don’t go for the cheapest option.

dental implants costa ricaThe implants are made to look like real teeth and be used and cared for as your regular teeth. You can eat and brush your teeth exactly as you normally would, without fear of the fake tooth falling out!

Because bridges and dentures are much less expensive, most insurance policies consider implants as cosmetic, non-necessary treatments. You may find a good price if you go to a dental school for the procedure. I know that sounds scary, but keep in mind that there will always be fully certified dentists observing and guiding the training dentists. This is such a reputable option, in fact, that there are often waiting lists to get work done in this way.

If it’s too expensive in your country, consider dental tourism for a high quality yet low cost option. Traveling even just a few miles south of the border can save you thousands. It’s possible to pay for your dental work and a vacation at the same time for under the average cost for the procedure in the U.S. Costa Rica is a great option for dental implants and a medical tourism vacation. Whether you choose a dentist inside or outside of the States, do your research to make sure the dentist and facility have appropriate credentials and references.

Without getting the work you need, you can cause damage to your jaw. Fixing that will be even more expensive! If you are not comfortable with dental schools or medical tourism, there is one more option. Look for a dentist who will accept payments in installments. Paying a few hundred per month may be more economical than paying thousands at once!

Making the decision to travel abroad for your dental tourism procedures can be a long decisions making process, and there is a lot of information out there.  There is a reason that more and more people are looking to get their dental work accomplished on a dental vacation.

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There is a lot of information to digest when it comes to preparing for your dental vacation to Costa Rica.  Entry requirements to Costa Rica, how to find a dentist or dental clinic, what to expect for your specific procedure and so much more.  

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