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Costa Rica Day Trips; Rural Tourism in the Land of “Pura Vida”

Costa Rica News – Rural tourism is the new rage in many countries, Costa Rica included. Both locals and tourists are taking up chances to enjoy a different way of life for a day or longer.

rural tourism costa ricaWhether it’s a quick day trip or a longer experience, seeing through the eyes of another and learning something new is always beneficial.

The National Ecotourism Network explains that rural communities share their environment and culture, which can include agriculture, commerce and protecting natural resources.

The Mi cafecito Coffee Tour is one way to enjoy rural tourism while learning from the locals all the details that go into your morning cup o’ joe. Another place to learn about coffee, as well as agroforestry is at the Vivencias Palmichal.

Cattle ranches offer activities such as making cheese by hand. Refugio de Vida Silvestre offers this as well as instruction on biogas and biofertilizer. They also include a typical meal cooked on a fire.

One last suggestion for enjoying the great outdoors is the Butterfly Garden, or Mariposario, of Cartago. For just $3 you can enjoy 200 square meters of butterflies in their natural habitat.

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