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Costa Rica Cyclist Andrey Amador Withdraws From Tour De France

Costa Rica News – Andrey Amador has announced in social networks that he retires from the Tour de France.

The cyclist has not managed to recover from the blow he took to the knee. We saw the pain in his face at the time of the injury.

The Costa Rican cyclist retires in the 104th edition of the Tour de France. He wrote on his social media accounts that it is with difficulty that he leaves due to discomfort in the knee.

Even the people closest to him did not know he planned to stop, so the messages took them by surprise. Everyone can understand, though, because he fell very hard in the second stage, less than 30 kilometers from the finish line. In addition to the knee, the man injured his elbow.

He has tried to keep up his spirits and keep going but his pain is reflected in his effort to recover. He had to decide to put his health first.

He learned this lesson at his first Tour de France in 2011, when he pedaled all 21 stages with an ankle sprain.

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