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Costa Rica Court Opened 35 Corporate Bank Accounts for Border Trail Work

Costa Rica News – Well if there was not already enough evidence that from border trail fiasco that the government was siphoning money from this scam, lets add some more evidence.  On the building of this dirt road along the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border 35 different corporate bank accounts were formed to make payments.

The Criminal Court of the Second Judicial Circuit of San Jose ordered the opening of bank accounts and tax returns of 35 companies that were contracted by the Conavi for the construction of the 1856 border trail .

The producing of banking info and tax returns was approved by a request of prosecutors amid investigation for alleged illicit enrichment of officials of the National Roads Authority (Conavi) in the project.

The account opening transpired this morning in the legislative committee investigating the construction of the trail when Eric Ramos, attorney firms and Construction Arenal Quebrador Herrera, mentioned as an argument for company representatives to refrain from sworn deputies .

As William Herrera and Daniel Herrera, representatives of these companies, refused to take the oath, Rep. Patricia Perez, president of the commission, asked to leave the room. So they had to reps that said that they refused to swear they are not lying and another that just left.  That is great.  I guess this is typical for this Costa Rica government official…..sorry I if I have to tell the truth I do not want to speak, lol.

This is going to be delayed for years and no one will ever get to the bottom of this. When they do is anyone is implicated then that official will just resign and take the money he made from this scam with him or her.


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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    Reminds me of the game “”BUTTON BUTTON WHO HAS THE BUTTON””. This was gone to cause confusion smoke and mirrors so those who planned to rob would not get caught. Truly a conspiracy from the get go. Now justice HA! not going to happen. CR business as usual. Liars and thieves.

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