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Costa Rica Corruption – Conavi Raided

Costa Rica News – Well I wonder how many people knew that this request for information was going to happen?  Absolutely nothing in regards to the Border Trail cover up for the misappropriation of thousands of dollars is able to be kept secret from the different entities in the Costa Rican government. 

This corruption and pointing fingers goes through every level of Costa Rican government. From Conavi to MOPT to those surrounding the president this involves so many sectors of the the government that there is no way a raid to find information that has long since been destroyed would not be secret.

The Public Ministry had a raid on the offices of the National Roads Authority (Conavi), near the roundabout of Bethany, Montes de Oca.

Authorities were admitted to 8am passively into the headquarters as they requested permission from the representatives of the entity to allow them to collect revenue documents and other evidence. The operation is related to the case of the border trail which is under investigation.

I would like to know who thinks that:

1. The documents implementing the people in Conavi for the stealing of these funds have not been destroyed already?

2. That Conavi did not know this raid was going to happen?

The inquiry  involved officers of  the Fraud Section of the OIJ, under direction of the Attorney of Transparency and Anti-Corruption.

Here is the deal, documents in regards to where the money is have been destroyed, the only way that anything will come of this investigation is the digital trail that was left by the money.  Those large amounts will not be in cash form they will have been transferred through the banking system.

Following this digital trial will show you where the money is, but the Costa Rican government has already said that they will not allow an audit of these accounts.

Just like the money that invested in Paragon properties and other Costa Rican scams the money is gone. It is in the pockets of the government officials and will never be traced.  Let is go Costa Rica, your ruling wealthy just pocketed some more of your tax money and there is nothing you can do about it.



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