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Costa Rica Concerned About Russia Backing Nicaragua’s Military

Costa Rica News – Is the country without a military getting a bit worried about not having one? 

nicarguan military 1At a political meeting in Guatemala, the Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González met with Sergei Lavrov, of Russia, regarding Costa Rica’s concern about the military agreements between Nicaragua and Russia.

The concern is that Ortega’s government announced an intention to buy Russian warplanes including the MiG-29 multipurpose plane, saying it is to be used to combat drug trafficking.

The planes and weapons are for war, not fighting drugs.

Nicaragua having a stronger military force, and one that is aligned with Russia, could cause an imbalance in a region that wants peace.

Lavrov said that Russia has no plans to establish any kind of military base in Nicaragua.

We must now remain vigilant on the topic to ensure stability and long-term safety in the region.


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