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Costa Rica Conavi Director: ‘I Hope to God that all Measures Work’ To Fix Bridge

Costa Rica News – I am not telling anyone to not believe in God or to believe in God but I do not think that the director in charge of fixing the fallen highway bridge should be asking the deity that their work is completed to good enough standards.

The chief of the National Roads Authority (Conavi), Jose Luis Salas, said they extracted the bailey bridge with cranes  this afternoon and that “trust in God that all measures work.” I heard that engineering and planning might work better than just praying.

It is a very complex maneuver, there are people and two arcs of sewage we must protect, Salas said.

He said Conavi will not assume any cost of removing the crane which collapsed when Quirós cranes crossed the bridge on the General Cañas highway Tuesday.

After six hours of packing the dirt and preparing the cranes, contracting engineer firms, they now prepare for the maneuver anchors extraction.

The other three bailey bridges will be removed today and tomorrow on the highway.

We can only hope they get this done so no more school is cancelled for the children.


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