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Costa Rica Coffee of the Month Club

Costa Rica News – When I was looking around the internet for Costa Rica Coffee, I was quite surprised to find out that there was only one Costa Rica Coffee Club.  With the price of Starbucks in the USA going for close to $5 a cup or more and the fact that they are serving Costa Rica Coffee to their customers…….why not spend less and brew it at home.  

costa rica coffee of the month club mainThe Costa Rica Coffee of the Month Club actually has everything for the coffee connoisseur.

They deliver the 6 main coffee types of Costa Rica, so you can choose which is your favorite.

Café La Carpintera comes from a hill that looks like an island in the Central Valley. The climate brings excellent year round temperatures resulting in a balance between aroma and acidity in the cup.

Café Tarrazu comes from the rocky volcanic mountains of Dota. This acidic blend has a divine taste, perhaps from being grown in a very spiritual part of the country.

Café El Gran Vito was started by Italian immigrants who believed correctly that they could colonize and make fertile a part of the country called Coto Brus. The gratefulness of these people shines through in the unique flavor of this coffee.

Café Zurqui is among the oldest of all the plantations. It’s grown in the beautiful quiet province of Heredia. The flavor has a very good body.

Café Ujarraci is grown near a crystal clear lake. The Japanese, European, and American coffee drinkers agree on this gourmet taste!

Café Buena Vista is grown between the most impressive mountains in the country. Prideful peasants developed the city of San Isidro and it’s coffee crop that we enjoy today.

For a limited time a they will be offering clients a selection of the “exclusive gourmet” Don Marcos private label coffee. Its a private brand NOT available in stores and is roasted only for a an exclusive group of coffee lovers. Through a special one of a kind arrangement we have a limited supply of this coffee that is grown on a private farm by  a wealthy owner that has never before made this coffee available to anyone other than his exclusive network of friends and business associates.

It  is traditionally grown in shaded micro-climates below the forested Poas Volcano, near the town of Naranjo, Costa Rica. They hand pick the coffee cherries at the moment of ripening perfection, only from plants grown at elevations above 3,900 feet; designating the coffee as “Strictly Hard Bean” (SHB).

I believe this is a perfect gift for that coffee lover, be it yourself or a friend.

When you get a chance head to their website or go to their facebook page.


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