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Costa Rica Church Restoration in Montes de Oro

Costa Rica News – The community of Montes de Oro, Puntarenas is celebrating because their cherished church has been rescued. The Heritage Centre saved the day with a 20 million colones investment.

La iglesia de San José de Cedral montes de oro churchThey were able to paint and update the electrical system. Very damaged wood (by moisture and termites) was replaced, as well.  This small farming town now has a church that is just as nice as those in other towns, and they are proud.

The community is very focused on the church. All of their major life events are celebrated there. One resident recalled the story of his own birth, where his family was notified of his birth by someone running to the church to tell them.

The now beautifully restored church sits in an almost constant frosty mist, at 1,000 meters above sea level. It’s stunning.  It was originally built by hand by the community members, who carried wood from the mountain by oxcart.

They paid careful attention to the design and used impressive ornamentation on all the doors and windows. Long time residents were saddened that the icon of their society has become a rundown building.

The donation and restoration has given them a new hope.

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