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Costa Rica Christmas Traditions; Nativity Scenes in San Ramon

Costa Rica Entertainment News – The portal (in Spanish), the nativity scene, is still a very important Christmas tradition in Costa Rica. They can be seen in almost every church as well as a majority of homes around the country.

Nativity Scene Costa Rica-Maria-Elena-VarelaIt is quite common to have contests awarding families and businesses prizes for the best nativity scene in their area.  The José Figueres Ferrer Cultural and Historical Center hands out awards to the best nativity scenes in San Ramon.

24 portals participated this year.

The winners were divided into three categories.

The Friends Club in San Ramon won in the category of Best Institutional Nativity Scene, while the children of Dario and Dennis Fernandez kids won best Artistic Nativity Scene, and Maria Elena Varela in won the Best Traditional Nativity Scene.

The judges based their decisions on creativity, organization, placement of the elements and the use of space in the nativity scenes.

With this annual nativity scene competition the Jose Figueres Center tries to ensure that the Costa Rica Christmas traditions continue today.

“The José Figueres has 16 years promoting the Christmas tradition of nativity scene in San Ramon area and it still remains a strong custom in the area.

There are certain areas of Costa Rica where this tradition has been lost over time.

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