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Costa Rica Choosing Participant for International Cooking Competition

Costa Rica Entertainment – I hope your pallet is ready for some tasty “comida”.

cooking competition costa ricaThe global cooking competition in Budapest, Hungary is coming up and Costa Rica must choose who to send as its representative.

Today and the remaining Saturdays of this month, Universidad Latina in Heredia will host a gastronomic competition.

Participants must meet certain requirements. They must have passed Gastronomy II in which students master the hardest parts of French cuisine. 30 students will participate, 10 per Saturday.

The students will have just three hours to make a starter, main course and dessert. They will have four judges to serve.

There are a total of six judges, four for tasting and two on the floor, overseeing the preparation.

They’ll have to use 50% of the ingredients provided in there mystery basket, have excellent hygiene and prove they know how to handle safety, pressure, time, and all without wasting food.

The winner will be announced on April 30th and attend the event that last year brought 55 together 55 countries.

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