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Costa Rica Children’s Museum; “A Journey to Creativity”

Costa Rica Entertainment – The Children’s Museum is very much ready for the weeks that the kids have off from school.

The learning won’t stop and it will be more fun than usual. The museum is hosting summer camp, with the theme “A Journey to Creativity.”

There will be different stations that the kids “travel” through, exploring dance, paint, music, culinary arts, creative writing, sculpture, experimenting with light, body expression, recreation and animation.

The camp is open to those ages 5-12. There will, of course, be groups divided by age.

Parents can chose to send the kids on  January 16th or January 23. Both sessions last a week and go 8-5.

The cost is all inclusive for ¢68,000. It comes with food, materials, personalized attention, security, a T-shirt, and a video of the week’s activities. The older kids will also have a night of mystery at the museum for an additional ¢10,000. E

‘Email [email protected] to register.

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