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Costa Rica Child Services (PANI) Has Budget Cut

Costa Rica News – It happened at exactly 8:42 p.m. The National Budget was approved without a vote, which should be illegal.

pani-costa-rica-budget-cutAnother thing that should be illegal is taking money away from orphans, or, more specifically, child services (known as PANI).

There was a sharp unexpected reduction of ¢47,831 million from PANI’s budget, leaving the organization wondering what to do now.

They already functioned without enough money. I worked in a PANI run orphanage and the kids brought there came without shoes. How can they take more money away?

The exit of several legislators from the legislative plenary prevented the session from continuing and including an effective vote over next year’s spending.

Shouldn’t it then be decided at a time when a fair vote can be held? Better to wait a while than to make such a drastic terrible change.

The money that is reduced from PANI is going towards the Ministry of Security, Justice, Judicial Investigation Agency and the Public Ministry.

Do we really need more cops running around doing nothing or do we want our nation’s kids growing up safely?

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