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Costa Rica Changing the Legal Age Difference for Intercourse with Minors?

Costa Rica News – Deputies are now considering and evaluating a bill meant to create a punishment of imprisonment of 1-4 years for those adults who engage in sexual relations with a person aged 15-18 when the age difference between the two of them is five or more years.

costa rica teen pregnancyWhile an older adult has no business being with a 15 year old, perhaps her 19 year old boyfriend should be allowed a different standard.

We are talking about consensual sex here.

Along the same lines, however, what should happen in the situation of a couple that are ages 17 and 21 once the 21 year old turns 22? He shouldn’t go to jail.

That’s why Otto Guevara, of the Libertarian Movement, suggests increasing the age gap to 10 years.

Emilia Molina, of the Citizen Action Party, explains that there are reasons for it being set at five years.

The strongest reason is to combat teen pregnancy that is the result of relations with an older man.

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