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Costa Rica CCSS Approved 283 New Positions for Medical Specialists

Costa Rica News – The CCSS has approved 283 new positions for medical specialists but has not yet said when they’ll be filled.

The figure includes 45 positions to train residents in various specialties.

39 positions will be for the national hospitals Mexico, San Juan de Dios and Calderon Guardia. 28 will go to specialized hospitals such as the National Children’s one. 75 will strengthen care in regional and peripheral hospitals.

Anesthesiology is one of the most critical needs in the CCSS. That is just one of the specialties that will have these new personnel to help reinforce the hospitals and first level of care.

The initial investment for this was approved by the Board on Thursday and was set at ¢7.6 billion, according to the institutional press office.

One question is where the staff will come from as the Caja has had trouble filling specialty positions in the past.

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