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Costa Rica Caribbean Promotes Culture and Nature to Attract Tourists

Costa Rica News – Although The Costa Rican Times does have some negative things to say about the Costa Rican government and living in CR, there are beautiful places to visit in the country.  The motto for The Costa Rican Times for Costa Rica is “nice place to visit, not so much to live.” The Costa Rica Caribbean region is promoting their culture, music, dance, food, forest, national parks and other natural features to increase the number of tourists.

limon costa ricaThe campaign will be conducted by differentiating the characteristics of the region, which was launched yesterday and will be held in coordination between the Municipality of central canton of Limón, the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Tourism local and other organizations limonenses Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

The first major event of the campaign will be  the Calypso Moon Light, to be held the 1st of September, in the center of Limon, from 3 pm to 2 a, m.

Furthermore this Aug. 31, as part of the celebration of the Day of African descent, a parade will be held to highlight culture, costumes, dancing and other characteristics of Limon.

Data provided by ICT and obtained from the survey to non-residents in Costa Rica, at international airports, indicate that in 2011 a total of 347,327 people stayed overnight at least one night in a hotel in the province of Limón.

Another point of the strategy is to improve the local infrastructure, cleanliness and safety.

The Caribbean region currently has 325 hotels with a total of 4,611 rooms, according to the ICT.

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