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Costa Rica & Carbon Neutrality

Costa Rica News -The term “carbon neutral” has been floating around Costa Rica for some time now. In 2007 the country stepped up by announcing its commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2021, and celebrating the bicentennial of its independence in that way.

CarbonNeutralFor this effort, Costa Rica has been asked to send representatives to many international events to speak as experts on the matter.

In 2007, 2021 seemed a far way off, but here we are about to enter 2015. Is the carbon neutrality goal still feasible by the anticipated date? Studies of hard numbers are being done now to see if it is even possible.

Studies won’t mean anything, however, unless we fix a major problem: lack of resources and personnel to direct the effort. People want to be on board but don’t have any direction as to simple things like where to recycle.

One of the reasons Costa Rica wants to go carbon neutral is to protect itself against climate change. Who will make a plan to manage the land, adaptations, budget, rate of progress, and set compliance deadlines? How will the national budget reflect this goal?

If you look at how far this goal is away, there is no way that Costa Rica will hit it but there is no reason for them to not keeping moving in the right direction.

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