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Costa Rica Calls For SICA reform

Costa Rica News – The President of Cost Rica Luis Guillermo Solís has issued a statement to the Central American Integration System (SICA), urging them to take action regarding some urgent issues. These issues include the Zika virus, immigration as well as climate change. Costa Rica’s call for SICA to act up and make some reforms comes in the context of Solís and Costa Rica not wanting to be a full member of SICA because of various issues concerning transparency and accountability within the organization.  

Central American Integration System (SICA) 1President Solis certainly does not have an easy job, and he has so many obstacles set before him. He always looks so stressed out in photographs in the newspaper. Hopefully this weekend he will be able to relax a little so that he can return to work, and the running of Costa Rica, renewed on Monday morning. Relaxing is so important if you want to avoid burnout in a high pressured job like being a politician. A good idea is to take some time to play some easy and fun games. Euro Palace online slots, for example, are perfect for de-stressing at the end of a long work week. They have so many types of slots to choose from too, so whether you prefer video slots, pub slots, or reel slots – you will have many themed slots to choose from; everything from sports to your favorite movies such as Jurassic Park and Tomb Raider.

The Zika Virus has recently become more of an issue in Costa Rica. Last month a baby was diagnosed with microcephaly. The Salvadoran mother had given birth to her baby in Costa Rica; she was also suspected to have contracted the Zika Virus. This is the sixth reported case of microcephaly (that is highly correlated with ZIka) in Central America. It is the first reported case in Costa Rica, though. The fact that the virus is still not under control, and there is no preventative vaccine is worrying, and does not bode well for the future. Currently SICA is not taking the concerns over Zika seriously enough.

The issues surrounding immigration largely revolves around a problem with Cuban immigration to Costa Rica. SICA was unable to provide a unanimous decision as how to deal with the 8000 Cuban migrants in Costa Rica. This was also another big issue that prompted Costa Rica to reconsider their place within SICA, and subsequently decided to withdraw from the organization. However flawed SICA may be; they still do have some regional power to implement change if they can agree on a path forward. In this regard, even though Costa Rica is not a fully-fledged member of SICA -they do not attend executive meetings that focus on policy change, but they are involved in forums and discussion –it is still good that Solis is able to stand up and voice his concerns over the status quo in terms of health and immigration issues within the Central American bloc. We will have to wait and see how this unfolds and whether SICA will begin to take some of these concerns more seriously.

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