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Costa Rica Bus Company Owner Arrested for Hiring Hitman to Kill Partner

Costa Rica News – Mr. Ramírez, age 57, is the president of the bus company Busetas Heredianas S.A.

Busetas Heredianas S.A. hitmenHe was arrested yesterday, from his mansion in San Rafael de Heredia, because he is accused of hiring hitmen to kill his business partner, named Garita.

The Judicial Investigation Organization captured four others accused of being involved in attacking the victim, who survived. One was a prior employee of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security and another was a bodyguard.

Garita denounced Ramírez for fraudulent administration and he was sentenced to six years in prison. Eight months later he was set free.

He was required to pay $1 million, according to the OIJ.

This situation may have led Ramírez to want revenge. On Feb. 10 Garita was shot in his vehicle. At least eight shots were fired and five impacted him. He was transported to a medical center and recuperated.

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