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Costa Rica Bus Companies; Quality Equals Raises

Costa Rica News – Now here is an initiative that I can get behind.  An amazing revelation in Costa Rica that a businesses customer service and quality is rewarded with an increase in pay.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was put in place in public sectors……like electricity, internet and gas.  

costa rica busesWith the cost of living rising in Costa Rica, the country has decided to put into practice new control measures against unnecessary and unwarranted increases. The Public Transportation Ministry will be in charge of inspecting the quality of public bus service throughout the year to justify any increases these services propose.

Vehicle safety and comfort, contamination, accessibility and compliance with travel times will be some of the 13 aspects that the organization takes into account for the evaluation. This set of requirements covers the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the bus companies.

Specialists will evaluate each bus company once a year and a technical evaluation by Riteve is also required twice a year for all public transportation companies. The Public Transportation Board (CTP) approved the evaluation plan this past April. Costa Rica currently has 404 bus companies and close to 5,000 operating units.

The National Chamber of Buses (Canabus) is in favor of the evaluations but criticizes the plan for only reviewing the bus companies. According to the organization’s president, it is also important to evaluate other entities that affect public transportation such as the state of the streets and peak traffic. Users and bus drivers agree that the responsibility of maintaining the quality of public transportation should be shared.

The real question will be, is this going to result in more payoffs in order to increase the amount of money the companies will be getting or will it result in better service? Only time will tell.

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