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Costa Rica Blue Flag Municipalities; Commitment to Environmental Protection

Costa Rica News – Eight municipalities have received the Blue Flag Program award in recognition of their outstanding commitment to the environment.

costa-rica-blue-flag-environmental protection 1The ones that scored over a 90 percent are Santa Ana, Montes de Oca, Escazú, El Guarco, Oreamuno, Santo Domingo, Upala and Bagaces.

These winners were among the 16 municipalities that are working toward sustainability and signed up to be reviewed this year. Some did not achieve the required score for the award while others did not qualify to be evaluated but at least they have shown interest in moving toward this noteworthy goal.

10 parameters are considered. They include reducing use of fossil fuel and electricity, waste management and the implementation of environmental education programs or initiatives.

The awards have gone to beaches and schools before but the municipality category was added just last year. The local governments working with the communities on the environment also has effects on public health.

Next year the program will be amplified to include religious organizations and embassies.

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