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Costa Rica Banning Fishing in Gulf of Nicoya

Costa Rica News – This is one of the first times I have agreed with something the Costa Rican government has put in motion. the question remains, will this be enforced or will the the local fisherman start a movement for Incopesca to overturn this?

costa rica fishing banCosta Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture, Incopesca, will prohibit fishing for three months in the Gulf of Nicoya. More than 2,000 local fishermen and semi-industrial shrimpers that work in the Gulf of Nicoya must stow their nets for three months starting July 1st.

According to Luis Dobles, executive chairman of Incopesca, the idea is to allow a time period for the recovery of species in the Gulf on which many households depend that are engaged in fishing in coastal areas.

According to Dobles the fishing area prohibited will be drawn from the imaginary line formed Negritos Islands (vs. Paquera in the Nicoya Peninsula) and Judas tip in Caldera.

The semi-industrial shrimp fishermen have fifteen more days of prohibition.

Doubles explained that for the duration of the closure was coordinated with the Joint Social Welfare Institute (Imas) to provide a subsidy to licensed fishing licensees of ¢ 140,000 ($280) per month.

It was coordinated with the Ministry of Security Guard, personnel from the Ministry of Environment and Energy (Minae), the Vice Ministry of Water and Oceans and other institutions to ensure oversight and avoid breaking the law of prohibition in this sea area which hosts the highest amount of fisherman in Costa Rica.

I will throw this out there now….expect to see an uprising from fishermen opposing this act.  There are over 2000 fishermen in this area, and $280 a month is not going to subsidize their work. This is also ear marked for the boat owners. What about all of the other people that will be out of jobs for 3 months?

Get ready for a protest!

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