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Costa Rica Athletes Participating in World Games For Down Syndrome

Costa Rica News – Tico athletes will be representing Costa Rica in the first World Games for the Down Syndrome population which will be held in Italy.

Costa Rica Athletes Participating World Games For the Down SyndromeThe athletes have met marks in their disciplines to classify.

They have made sacrifices like early mornings in the pool or being on the track warming up while most are still sleeping. They have gone through long practices and extra gym sessions that are adapted to their unique muscles.

It all paid off and there is no stopping them now. One of their slogans is “No limits.”

They will not allow anything or anyone to limit their efforts in Italy this month from the 16th to 22nd.

Sofía Cortés, Mauricio Mesén, Bryan Chaves and Héctor Alonso Arce are the athletes.

They are all swimmers. Costa Rica is behind these elite competitors 100 percent. They are the only athletes representing Central America.

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