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Costa Rica Art City Tour Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Costa Rica Arts & Theater  – The scene is like this: one gets off a bus and enters a crowded museum. They wander around, taking free books and pamphlets. After getting back on the bus they arrive at a jazz concert outside, in a plaza full of cyclists.

art city tour costa ricaIt’s the Art City Tour, and it’s completely free. This past Wednesday they had yet another event and the next one you are not going to want to miss.

GAM Cultural puts this event together 6 times per year. It’s in it’s fifth year now. They have led 30,148 people through 25 museums, galleries, and cultural spaces. ChepeCletas bikers joined the activity. They forego the shuttle buses and opt for bicycles instead.

The manager of the event, Henry Bastos, said “the key is revealing spaces that visitors did not know existed. It invites them to retake the city belongs to them.” In addition to this event, the organization compiles over 150 monthly events in San Jose.

A large percentage of the museums’ visitors come on these free nights. Even small spaces like the Theoretical Foundation see 400 guests. Many people see museums they have never been to or even heard of. “I did not know that inside here was a museum,” said one participant. Each Art City Tour is different. The organizers are always trying to create new activities for the public to have contact with the artists and creators.

 Art City Tour Facebook Page.

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