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Costa Rica Arrests FARC Rebels

Costa Rica News – Costa Rican police arrested four people they suspect to be members of the FARC rebel group, on Friday. There was an overnight operation throughout the country that had over 880 pounds of cocaine and 35 weapons.

farc_female_fighteThe country was originally alerted to the activity by U.S. anti-drug agents.

The OIJ (the judicial investigation organization) then set up a raid of a few houses, in three neighborhoods, and an armory.

OIJ announced, via social media, that the detainees are Colombians who seemed to be “part of a FARC cell.” The OIJ’s spokeswoman, Marisel Rodriguez, added that a Costa Rican was arrested for participation in the operation and disclosed the cocaine and weapons seizures.

FARC is an acronym in Spanish for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia.

They have 8,000 members and have been fighting the government since 1964. They started peace talks in Cuba last year.

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