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Costa Rica Alcohol Bootlegger Busted

Costa Rica – I do not know how many times in college during my drinking days I and friends of mine would pass an 18 wheeler full of beer and think to our selves….think of the ranch party we could throw if we somehow hijacked that truck. Of course we never did but that did not keep us from talking about it for about the next 5 to 10 minutes of the drive. 

bootlegging cars 1Most of us that drink in Costa Rica or have drank in Costa Rica know that on days when liquor and beer are not being sold, like Friday through Sunday of Semana Santa in various parts of Costa Rica, you can still get alcohol.

There is usually a house in town where you have to go with a local and you can buy beer on days where it is prohibited to be sold publicly.  You can pay 2 to 4 times the value of the alcohol but you can get it if you are that desperate.

This latest bust takes bootlegging to an entire new level though. Combining our college dream of a beer filled truck and bootlegging.

Law enforcement seized 6,744 units of beer to a man carrying them without permission in a truck near Perez Zeledon. If anyone has seen the women of Perez Zeledon, that would be a heck of a place to have the beer party with a hijacked truck….he might have had the right idea. Just kidding…..well not really.

The seizure took place  after officers conduct a routine check at a road block check point.

The police noted that the weight of the truck was excessive s it was searched. The driver was then asked for the permits for the alcohol which he could not produce.

The security forces seized a total of 281 cases of beer containing 6. 744 units.

So much for the party in Perez, it would have been killer.


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