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Costa Rica Airport to Open Supermarket

Costa Rica News – Just in case you forgot one of the many foods or beverages that is native to Costa Rica or you just want to make yourself a sandwich before getting on your flight, you will now have that opportunity at Costa Rica’s Juan Santamaria Airport. 

Juan Santamaria Airport costa ricaJuan Santamaria Airport will have a supermarket and clothing stores in new business area of ​​1,000 square meters that will be built soon.

Rafael Mencia, CEO of Aeris, the management company of the airport terminal, confirmed that businesses will be on the west side of the airport.

He explained that it the commercial area will be 700 square meters  and the remaining 300 square meters will be used for walking areas.

The commercial areas will be available to private companies through a procedure will be performed when the commercial area is close to being built.

Mencia declined to provide details about any potential stores that will be in the new business sector.

Pablo Vargas, CEO of Britt, the main trading partner of Aeris in the Juan Santamaria said that he is not worried about competition.

“We have always believed that the airport lacks commercial space and there is a huge demand, as the original master plan included very little commercial space for shops,” noted Vargas.

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