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Costa Rica Airport Has One of the World’s Funniest Airport Codes

Costa Rica News – If you are bored and have some extra time on your hands while waiting for a flight or just in general this might give you a cheap LOL. 

Checking in your bags at the airport is by far the most tedious part of a holiday, but bizarrely, the codes airlines use for your destination airport could make the task a million times better.

Each airport has to be abbreviated to three letters and some of the shortened words are either hilarious or downright rude.

While airports like Funafuti in Tuvalu get the funky FUN for their name, others get a real bum deal.

No really, Butler Memorial Airport in the US is actually shortened to BUM.

Meanwhile, Semback Kaserne aiport in Germany has the racy-sounding SEX, Nosara in Costa Rica is called NOB and Omega airport in Namibia has the modern OMG.

Read on to discover some of  the rudest and funniest airport codes around the world, as compiled by Globehunters.



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