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Costa Rica Adding Charges for Packages From Asia

Costa Rica News – Plan on ordering something and having it delivered to Costa Rica from Asia, it is going to cost you a bit more.

Costa Rica’s mail system has added a charge of ¢750 on each package from an Asian shop.

That means that, starting March 1, shoppers using Wish and Aliexpress are going to have to pay shipping for their packages.

Until now, no charge was added but also there was also no trace-ability. Packages were delivered as ordinary mail which was not very effective. They will now be picked up at specific locations within 7 days of arrival to the country.

The main office is in San Pedro but there are eight more outside of San Jose and another nine will be added in May.

The charge is due to the added cost associated with a 400% increase in packages from Asia in just one year. Correos wasn’t ready with enough personnel or a plan of action for delivery.

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