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Costa Rica About to Put First Central American Satellite into Orbit?

Costa Rica News – The first ever satellite from Central America is ever closer to being in orbit.

foto Rafael Murillo

This is due to a group of 15 dedicated professionals, experts and students from the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

They have their hands on all the necessary components to develop and program it as well as ensure that it will work well over the next six months. They have received donations from 800 sponsoring companies to make their dream a reality.

This device is part of the Irazú Project, which aims to apply space technology to the monitoring of climate change, with the help of a Cubesat, which is a little, light, low cost satellite.

The satellite will be used to collect data related to carbon fixation and the growth of melina trees in the remote ITCR station.

It will launch in 2018 from the International Space Station due to an agreement with an institute in Japan.

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